Alex Rodríguez enamorado de una joven de Santiago

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SANTIAGO, RD.– El estelar tercera base de los Yanquis de Nueva York, el dominicano Alex Rodríguez, parece que está enamorado de una joven de esta ciudad.

Alex Rodríguez.
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Un aspecto misterioso e incógnito su presencia en Santiago el pasado fin de semana.


Según publica el periódico Diario Libre en su edición digital en inglés, Rodríguez, el mejor pagado en el béisbol organizado del mundo ha estado junto con su nuevo amor. Se trata de una jovencita, Rebeca Yunén Finke, de 24 años, graduada con honores de la PUCMM.


A continuación el texto íntegro que publica en la edición digital en inglés el periódico Diario Libre.




 A-Rod is stuck on a young girl from Santiago



SD. The mysterious incognito appearance of Alex Rodriguez last weekend has been revealed: He is in love in Santiago, the Ciudad Corazon.

The New York Yankee third baseman and the best paid player in baseball, had spent practically all day last Saturday together with his new love, which, according to Diario Libre sources, is Rebeca Yunen Finke, 24, an honors graduate in Business Administration from PUCMM.

Her father is the well known businessman Alberto Yunen Zouain and her mother is Pamen Finke, a distinguished lady for Puerto Plata. Rebeca is the niece of Rafael Emilio Yunen, the director of the Centro Leon.

The person who picked up A-Rod at the Cibao Airport in a limousine was said to be the young lady’s father, who took him to the Gran Almirante Hotel, where he took the presidential suite. He did not register in his own name.

The ballplayer arrived in his Gulfstream IV, an airplane worth US$38 million, last Friday at 8:09 p.m., together with a friend. He asked the authorities at the terminal to exercise maximum discretion regarding his arrival and departure.

It was not possible to find out where he was on Saturday morning and afternoon, because he left the hotel early, but in the evening, Alex and Rebeca dined at the Sabrass Restaurant at Plaza Galerias Boulevard on Juan Pablo Duarte Avenue. Later, Alex returned to his hotel together with his friend who had another room.

Diario Libre found out that Alex and Rebeca met some six months ago at a social affair in Casa de Campo, La Romana. The ballplayer and his friend left the same airport on Sunday at 8:10 p.m. (sic)